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Aug 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
--if i was not at the national archives in washington, i was working in cambridge, and then i was in japan, initially on--as a fulbright research scholar in 1990-'91, i believe, and then i did extensive rewriting of the manuscript over the past three and a half years while at hitosubashi university in tokyo. c-span: do you speak japanese? >> guest: yes, i do. c-span: and you read it. >> guest: yes, i do. c-span: what advantage do you have in doing your research, because you read it and speak it? >> guest: well, you can interact with people and you can read the documents and must--over 95 percent of all the sources cited in the end notes are japanese sources. and that's one reason why, up to now, even the right wing, the nationalist japanese press, has been circumspect and careful in reviewing my book. c-span: because? >> guest: it's not so easy to criticize when most of the sources are japanese sources. i excavated and built on the basis of the fruits of half a century of japanese scholarship it was out there, most of the material was out there. it--it's true, after hirohito d
Aug 31, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, and i accompanied him to washington for that conference. and nixon hosted a different group of people at his head table for each panel discussion, and i was asked to join his head table during zbigniew brzezinksi's panel discussion. and i sat to the right of president nixon, and to the right of me was james schlesinger. and i noticed that there was a camera above us that was trained on brzezinksi, and brzezinksi began his remarks and i noticed some activity out of the left corner of my eye. president nixon had leaned forward, and he took a writing pad off of the table that the hotel had provided, he picked up a pen and i saw him scribbling something. and he passed the note to me, and i looked down and it said, "are you having a good time?" and i immediately turned the pad over because i didn't want the camera to pick up what he had written because he was supposed to be paying attention to what brzezinksi was saying. but to me that really illustrated the kind of person he was, that he was involved in all of these great events and really influencing american policy toward russia and hav
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2